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Any Football Club / Centre Of Excellence

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Football Association
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About: .
This area could be used for example, in providing details of which team(s) is / are playing where and when.

What time they should meet, what they should bring, who the coach is etc. etc.

(This area is completely free form, and can contain as much or as little information as you want to put in it. With the information only being seen by those people the club have personally invited to be a 'Contact'.)

You will also notice that you can see 2 more photo's and have links to 2 further web-sites.
About: .
This text area could possibly be used to hold contact and other details of either the players or staff.

You will also notice that another picture and web-site link is now available to you.

And once again like the 'Contacts', can ONLY be accessed by people personally invited to be a 'Group' member.

Whether as a club you need more than 1 secure area is for you to decide. There are no fixed rules, and you can decide.
Location: Every Town, Everywhere, United Kingdom
Club Activities: Football Club Operating in the Any Town, Any County Area.
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