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Billion7HelpAdding a Contact
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Adding a Contact

To add a contact to your list of contacts first go to the profile page of the person you would like to add as a contact. Click on the link under their name that says, "Add/Remove Contact".

If this person is not already your contact, you will now be able to send them a contact invite. This basically means that an email will be sent to them saying that you would like to add them to your contacts list. If they agree then they will be able to click on a special link in the email, and then you will be added to each others contact lists.

Once have a contact you can view them by clicking on your Contacts link on your profile page. If you are concerned about peoples privacy and you want to control who can see your list of contacts, this be done by editing your Privacy Settings.

Any time after adding a person as a contact you can change whether they are marked as a friend or family. This is useful if you want to control who can see certain information or photos.