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Registering a new account.

To register for a free account on billion7 you'll first need to complete the registration form.

Once you have completed the registration form, we will send you an email, so that we can make sure your email address exists, and that no mistakes were made when typing it in. We also need your email address so that when someone sends you a message via the billion7 website, we are confident that the message is being sent to the correct email address.

You can always change your email address at a later date, without having to register again.

Please make sure that you have enabled javascript in your browsers settings. When you select a continent, javscript is used to generate a menu containing countries within that continent.

I help document has been produced with a very detailed description of how to register and setup a business account. Some of the graphics in this document might be out-of-date, but if you'd like a full walk through of the setup procedure, click here to download the document:
Download as Word DocDownload (2MB)

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